student stories Work in Finland

Work in Finland: A dream job in a winter wonderland

“I work 8 hours a day for five days a week. My employer encourages me to study, and I get paid extra for every extra hour I work. Just the overtime compensation is about 30 000 pesos or even more in a month, in addition to normal salary.”

This is a true story about Margie Onato’s life. She is a Filipino who worked in Hongkong for almost ten years. She is also a mother, and her dream is to be able to provide the best possible future for her children. This is why she didn’t hesitate to take the opportunity to join the HSS program when her friend Myla recommended it to her. “I decided to take the course and work in Finland because I knew how great opportunities that would bring me,” Margie says.

“The biggest challenge for me was the Finnish language because it is not very easy,” she says and continues: “And to be honest, I was a bit afraid of the cold weather, too.” Luckily, her doubts turned out to be unfounded, and working in Finland started to go well. Margie says that her colleagues at Essote Rinnehovi are very kind, understanding, and friendly, and the same goes for patients.

Margie is also studying to become a qualified practical nurse. Despite working total hours and studying, she still has time to be with her friends and enjoy the beauty of Finnish nature. She likes to go biking or walking with other Filipinos she works with.

Before coming to Finland, Margie had seen snow only on TV. Now she lives in Eastern Finland, where the ground is covered with this white magic in winter. Even this felt like a fairytale at first!

Margie’s big dream is to one day bring her children to Finland, too. Finland provides free, top-class education for everyone. “I truly believe Finland is the happiest country in the world, and the future here looks fantastic.”

Margie wants to say to those still considering joining the HSS program: “If we did it, you can also do it! It takes a lot of work, but it is worth it!!

student stories Work in Finland

I work eight hours a day and I have two days off every week. Sometimes I can make an extra shift and earn 140 € extra money.

Jenalyn Maniego got the best birthday present she could hope for: a day before her birthday in August 2021 she got a message from HSS that she was accepted to join their training programme. This meant that if she passed all the exams during the 7 months study period she would be able to move to Finland to work as a caregiver for the elderly.

Jenalyn found out about HSS and an amazing opportunity to work in Finland from her friend, Jonalyn, who already passed the training period and was working in Northern Finland. Jenalny had already worked 6 years in Hong Kong as a domestic helper and was looking for a change: better income, better career opportunities and shorter working days. This all would be possible in Finland.

Study period was not easy: it included Finnish language studies and online nursing courses. Progress was monitored with exams and each exam had to be passed. “Studying was very intense: We had modules every week and weekly exams that we needed to pass and also we had online zoom meeting with native speakers 20 minutes twice or thrice a week” she tells. As Jenalyn was studying alongside her work the days were long and there was no time for anything else. However, the hard work paid off as she was approved to move to Finland with HSS group 11.

Jenalyn had some doubts about moving to Finland. She was wondering how she can communicate in Finnish and how she can get along with Finnish people. To her luck, everything went smoothly, and she was very well welcomed to be a part of the team in ESSOTE bed ward for the elderly. “I work eight hours a day and I have two days off every week. Sometimes I can make an extra shift and earn 140 € extra money.”

This hard-working caregiver is already aiming higher with her career and she is studying to become a qualified practical nurse. Again, she is studying alongside her work – but not the difference is that she also has some free time when she can enjoy the beauty of Finnish nature. “I like to go fishing or walking in the forest” she says about her favourite leisure activities.

She would like to encourage other Filipino colleagues to take the challenge and join the HSS programme. “It will be hard work, but it is an investment that truly will change your life”.

student stories Work in Finland

The fastest way to fulfilling a lifelong dream, Work In Finland as a nurse!

Jonalyn is originally from Quezon Nueva Vizcaya in the Philippines. She workedin Hong Kong for nearly four years as a domestic helper in a family. All that time, she dreamed of moving to Europe to work and make a better living.

There are several opportunities for relocating to European Union countries, but they are expensive and notalways reliable. “I felt lucky because I was accepted to become a caregiver for the elderly
in the Czech Republic,” Jonalyn continues: “But Covid changed a lot, and my employer canceled the deal because of the pandemic.” Despite Adversity, Jonalyn never gave up dreaming, and eventually, it paid off as she ran into HSS ad on Facebook.
“As the ad popped into my newsfeed, I decided to give it a chance. I told myself that I have nothing to lose,” Jonalyn says about how the process started. “I got an email that told me the entrance exam was in a week. I took the exam even though I had no idea about the Finnish language”. Soon she received the good news: she passed the exam and could join the program.
Jonalyn worked and studied at the same. “It was not easy, and especially the language made me struggle,” she recalls about the beginning. Some people were also very suspicious of the program, saying it would be a scam. “I did not listen to the skeptics
and worked hard towards my dream.” Finally, after nine months of studying, the dream came true, and Jonalyn moved to Finland.

“Moving to Finland changed my life. This country gives me a better future, a better salary and endless opportunities” Jonalyn happily and also remembers how her biggest fear at first was how to get used to the coldness in winter.
Jonalyn was assigned to a nursing home in Northern Finland. “The first couple of months, She struggled a bit with the language, but the feedback was always encouraging.”

Jonalyn says that it is incredible how she can make the elderly happy and smile simply by taking care of their daily routines at work.” She also says that work is not too hard and there is time for life other than work – for instance, enjoying the breathtaking Finnish
nature and the freshest air in the world.
“Finland is one of the best countries to live in. Everything here is very fair, and people are treated equally,” the Filipino caregiver says, and she also says straight from her heart that she is thankful to HSS. Without HSS her dream would not have come true that fast”.
For those still doubting whether to give the HSS program a chance or not, Jonalyn says: “Don’t hesitate to try, HSS is a big help to fulfill your dreams. Just be patient and study
Don’t give up, and success will follow.

student stories Work in Finland

This is how Lea improved her life, would you?

Lea Jaena worked in a family in Hong Kong for many years. She had become very attached to the children in that family, and leaving them was not an easy thing to do. Sad goodbye was worthwhile as new life in Finland promised opportunities for better education, a good income, and working conditions.

When Lea arrived in Finland, it was a dark, cold, rainy day. Soon her mixed feelings about her decision to take such a massive leap in her life turned into excitement and happiness: Finland gave her a fantastic opportunity to learn a new profession and enjoy all the benefits employees in Finland have. A small, wealthy country in the northern outskirts of Europe also holds a promise to one day bring Lea’s family together.

“I first learned about HSS from my friend, who saw an ad on social media. First, I ignored the ad as it felt too good to be true,” tells Lea, but as she saw another ad later, something made her start searching for more information. “One night, I was almost falling asleep when suddenly I decided to get up and apply.”

Lea says that the whole HSS process is impressive as it is well planned and built: it has all the needed information about learning the language, introduction to the Finnish culture, level of skills required, process with immigration documents, flights, etc. “And once we arrived in Finland, we were warmly welcomed, and the intense one-month training was very well designed as well,” praises Lea about HSS’s way of working: “HSS truly is an ethical recruitment agency”.

“I was assigned to work in Mainiokoti Linnantaus in northern east Finland, Kajaani. Working there was very different from my previous job, but it didn’t matter as I could provide the level of caring required”. Living in Finland is not only work. There is time to explore and enjoy, too. “I liked Helsinki city center with its architecture and life events with street performances,” says Lea. Nature is near you everywhere you go in Finland, and Lea also enjoys the variety of Finnish woods and lakesides when she has leisure time: “Nature makes me relax, and I also enjoy taking pictures there”.

Lea says that in her opinion, Finland is the happiest nation in the world because the balance between social life and work is so good: “People here prioritize their well-being and family time”. Also, Finland is a multicultural country, and Finnish people are open to foreigners: “Finns are very respectful and honest people who like to teach us about their culture!”.

But it is not a coincidence that Lea is happy living in Finland: “It took me a lot of work and patience to earn my place here. My friend, who first introduced this opportunity, didn’t, unfortunately, pass the exam, so I believe that this is really meant for me” tells Lea and concludes: “This is an amazing opportunity for my career as well as for my personal life”.

For those who are considering coming to Finland, Lea says: “be patient and do your very best -then success will follow. If you have a dream, don’t give up! We are waiting to welcome you here!”

student stories Work in Finland

Working as a caregiver in Finland: Rosanita’s story

Rosanita is originally from Sindangan Zamboanga del Norte in the Philippines, but she has been working in Hong Kong for 20 years, taking care of babies and toddlers. She says that working in Hong Kong is hard. Working hours are long, and employers are very demanding. “Even it was hard work, I had to do it to give my only daughter an opportunity for education and a better future,” tells the 46 years old widow.

“I had a dream to move to Europe to work. I was already signed up for a program allowing me to work in a Polish factory. But to get into the program, I would have had to pay a large sum without being guaranteed a job in Poland. The whole system seemed at risk, and I was unsure what to do. Then, when I saw the HSS ad on my Facebook, I thought it might be a better path for me,” says Rosanita. “I read everything I got on HSS and finally dared to try my luck. I passed the entrance exam and joined the program.”

Rosanita describes that the time between the entrance exam and traveling to Finland was like God’s plan because there was a lot of work. It was not easy to work and study simultaneously, but the dream of Finland and a better salary made her cope. However, her hard work was rewarded, and Rosanita arrived in Finland in October 2021. First, she spent a month training in Kotka with other Filipinos until she got her first job in Kajaani.

“I love the daily routines at work and the fact that I learn something new about the Language and my work every day. Although the Finnish Language still feels difficult, it is easy to communicate with the elderly home residents. Feedback from residents also warms Rosanita’s heart: “It’s wonderful to see how they like the way I work and encounter them. One resident I help to wash and dress always has a wide smile on her face when she sees me and says out loud: “there is my very own caregiver.” Rosanita helps the elderly with their daily routines, sometimes plays memory cards, and spends time with them.

Rosanita has settled well in Finland. He says, “Finland is the best country to live in. There is the well-being of the worker. People are nice to everyone, and it truly is the happiest country! Everything is convenient. No need for cash, and all can do online transactions. We go shopping and sometimes take pictures if we are not working.”

Finland has a beautiful nature and has also offered miracles to Rosanita: “The spectacular moment that I witnessed was when the aurora borealis appeared in the sky. We ran out of the house and watched the northern lights. It was so amazing to watch for the first time!”

Rosanita is very thankful to HSS. Without HSS her dream would not have come true: “I am so blessed and thankful for always guiding us from the start until now!” She would also like to encourage those working in Hongkong and looking for a better life: “Don’t hesitate to choose HSS as a bridge to come to Finland. HSS is the best agency that you only need is effort, time, and sacrifices for study!”