Job Seekers

“Always treat your employees exactly as you want them to treat you as an employee”

We believe that the only way to treat people is to be kind. That´s everything that we build on. We care of the caregivers – we care about you.

We help you to find a job overseas and help you to go through the process. Everything starts here – check the open programs below.

Here are the steps of our process:

  1. Send your information through the form below.
  2. You get an invite to an interview.
  3. Medical and Psychological tests.
  4. Contract with the accredited overseas employer.
  5. Visa and working permit processing.
  6. Language and Cultural education.
  7. Language test.
  8. After Visa approval, travel to a new working place.
  9. Support in the destination and an assistant to make the migration as easy as possible.

Moving to a new country?

Moving, new work, and a new environment. It’s a massive change in life. Our goal is to make it easier for employees to settle in a new environment – so that they feel comfortable and find their place in the destination country. They can concentrate on settling in than worrying about the basics.

We offer community service, language teaching, community events, and more. 

Our aim is to help the employees to enjoy their life overseas.

Do you live in Hong Kong or Singapore?

Check our Online program:

Online program in: Hong Kong
Online program in: Singapore