Work in Finland

Education and requirements

To work in Finland, you have to be a caregiver, assistant nurse, practical nurse or a nurse. Outside EU degrees are not accepted for working in Finland. So in general that means, you have to learn the language and get your degree accepted.

No worries, we do our best to help with these tasks. At HSS, student well-being is at the very center of school life.

Positive Psychology informs all learning and teaching, and we have developed an environment and a curriculum which supports the link between emotional well-being and academic achievement. 

Our students get a world-class education with our committed teachers. Our educating philosophy is not just teaching the language and culture, but also give the possibility to understand the Country of Destination. We prepare the students for future change, we help them to understand what will happen, and what they will confront in the new Country, where they will live.

We provide exchange teachers and a learning environment where the students learn faster and most efficiently. We really believe that learning can be easy and fun!

Our students are tested throughout the training course so that we can be sure that their knowledge and language skills are at the required level. 

Through pooling and drawing on our strengths and expertise, we create the conditions for a professional learning community and meet the challenges of modeling learning and leading for our students. This requires commitment, collaboration, and a shared vision and purpose shared throughout the school.

We genuinely believe that our students have the best toolset for future challenges when they move abroad. 

We are not just teaching the language, we are teaching to live and work in the destination country.