Work in Finland

Family reunification

Maintaining the provision of care services in a growing and aging society is a challenge. This can be addressed with the help of international labor, among other solutions. Based on our experience, family reunification plays a significant role in enhancing the well-being and commitment of workers. At Healthcare Staffing Solutions, we encourage employers to have a positive attitude towards family reunification.

Healthcare Staffing Solutions (HSS) aims to support and promote the well-being of workers who have moved to Finland, as this improves their commitment to work and creates a better foundation for professional success. We recognize that family reunification is a central part of personal well-being for many workers, and therefore, we want to provide information and expert assistance related to this process.

Our primary goal is to reduce the stress and uncertainty caused by bureaucratic processes, by providing clear and up-to-date information and practical assistance with residence permit applications and other questions related to family reunification. We are happy to share information on the subject with employers and employees. Our goal is to promote the integration of the workers who have come through us and ensure that they feel at home in Finland. Our operations are guided by ethics and responsibility, and we are proud and happy to say that several people who have been trained and employed in Finland through us have already brought their family members to Finland. We believe this strengthens societal well-being and the integration of immigrants.

A family member of a worker living in Finland can apply for a residence permit in Finland based on family ties.

Family members include:

  • spouse
  • registered partner
  • cohabiting partner
  • guardian of a child under 18
  • child

The applicant is required to ensure that their livelihood in Finland is secured without relying on social benefits. Up-to-date information on the income requirements for a family member’s residence permit can be found on the Migri website:

We are happy to assist in selecting the correct application and other related matters. Employees can receive expert help from HSS, at: